Connecticut Collection

Center StreetThe objective of the Connecticut Collection at the Wallingford Public Library is to locate, collect, preserve, and make available for public research books, pamphlets, newspapers, census records, periodicals, photographs, municipal government documents, maps, atlases, and audio-visual materials. These materials document the economic, natural, political, social history, and genealogy of Wallingford.

The library also collects selected materials on Connecticut history, geology and genealogy, as well as materials pertaining to the history of the Wallingford Public Library.

girl and dog portraitArtifacts, valuable manuscripts, and other items of relatively high intrinsic value and rarity are evaluated on an individual basis. They are accepted only if they are considered to be appropriate for the library, enhance the collection, or are in some way special.

Please ask a librarian to retrieve items from the Connecticut Collection for you. All Connecticut Collection materials are available for in-library use only. You may search our earliest Wallingford city directories online.