Book Seller volunteersThe commitment, generosity, and passion of our volunteers ensure the Library’s continued success. Our volunteers help prepare and run our Book Seller, put CDs and DVDs away, help keep our shelves in good order, assist with programs, serve on the Library’s Board of Managers, and teach valuable skills to others. We are grateful for our volunteers and take great pleasure in honoring them at an annual recognition event in May.

Our program includes two types of volunteers: Adult Volunteers and Student Volunteers. To be considered a Student Volunteer, the applicant must be in 9th grade-12th grade. (Students below 9th grade will not be considered.) Volunteers will be considered an Adult Volunteer beyond 12th grade. Volunteers are chosen based on their skills, interests, availability, and needs of the Library.

Interested in volunteering?

thumbnail of adult volunteer application
Adult Volunteer Application
thumbnail of student volunteer application
Student Volunteer Application

Please fill out the appropriate application and submit in person to the Information Desk or through email to jrosales@wallingfordlibrary.org.

If submitted through email, receipt confirmation will be provided.

For more information about volunteering, contact Janelle Rosales, Volunteer Coordinator, at jrosales@wallingfordlibrary.org or (203)284-6458.