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History of the Library

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Our Mission

Statue of a man reading to boy on his lap
Connect people with ideas, experiences, and with each other to inspire, enrich, and inform.


Our Vision

  • A hub where all are welcome.
  • An educator through programs, services, and collections.
  • A leader evolving with the changing needs and interests of our community.
  • A convener collaborating with partners to collectively serve the community and maximize resources.


Our Values

  • Access: We provide and facilitate equal access.
  • Excellence: We excel in the customer experience and resources provided.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Kindness: We treat all people fairly, respectfully, and with dignity and compassion.
  • Personal Growth: We provide opportunities for people to discover, grow, and achieve their life goals.
  • Innovation: We actively seek opportunities to be forward thinking and serve the public through new ideas and methods.
  • Responsibility: We offer high quality services in a safe, secure, and fiscally responsible environment.
  • Joy: We foster an atmosphere of curiosity, beauty, humor, creativity, and fun.


Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Introduction