Wallingford Public Library Is Fine Free

Say goodbye to 2020 and overdue fines.

A New Year. A New Page. We're going fine free.Beginning December 31, 2020, the Wallingford Public Library will be going fine-free on most of our items. Life can get complicated, but using the library doesn’t have to be. This change is…ahem, long overdue.

Will everything be fine-free?
There will be no overdue fines for most items. Fines will be charged on overdue museum passes and technology equipment.
What if I have old overdue fines on my account?
Overdue fines on Wallingford items will be wiped clean for a fresh start beginning December 31, 2020 for patrons without any outstanding items on their library card. You are still expected to return all overdue items that are on your card or pay the replacement cost for the item(s).
What if I have fines from another library?
You are still responsible for paying overdue fines to other libraries that charge them. All items borrowed from other libraries are subject to the lending policies of the owning library. If you check out or renew items while visiting another library in the LION consortium, you could still be charged fines based on that library’s fine policy.
What if my privileges from another library in our Libraries Online (LION) consortium are suspended?
Your borrowing privileges at all LION libraries must be in good standing in order to check out materials from the Wallingford Public Library.
I like to give a little donation to the library if I return my items late. May I still do that?
Absolutely! A donation box is available at the circulation desk. You can also donate online via our website or become a member of the Wallingford Public Library Association.
Won't this affect the library's budget?
Fine revenue accounts for less than one-third of one percent (0.3%) of the library’s total budget.
Won't people just check things out and never return them?
“No fines” does not mean “no responsibility”. If your item is overdue for more than 4 weeks, then the item will be assumed lost and you will be charged the full replacement cost of the item. Your card privileges will be suspended until you return the item or pay the replacement cost.
Don't overdue fines encourage people to return items on time?
There is no evidence that shows this to be true. In fact, when the Chicago Public Library eliminated overdue fines in 2019, they saw a 240% increase in the number of items returned. Also, if library fines worked the way they were intended, revenue would be $0 because all materials would be returned on time!