Mary Ann Goodman: The “Goodwoman” of New Haven

grave site of Mary GoodmanWednesday, February 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room

Mary Goodman possessed a vision that transcended her time. In her final years, she became Yale’s very first donor of color despite her modest life as a former slave and a domestic worker. A Black woman aware of the changing times, Goodman saw the need for strong leadership in her community. In 1871, one year before her death, Goodman bequeathed her entire estate of $5,000 to establish a scholarship for African American divinity students, forgoing funds for her own burial. Honoring her passion and her gift, Yale buried her in the university’s section of Grove Street Cemetery. Learn more about Goodman’s life, legacy, and impact with Joan Duffy, Senior Archives Assistant in the Divinity Library at Yale.